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We can save both lives and money, but we need your help.

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Add your name to the thousands of Texans who are asking the Texas legislature to preserve and increase funding for substance abuse treatment and prevention.

Send an Email

Robo-letters are about as effective as robo-calls. But never fear – we’ve got some talking points so you can write your own email to your state legislators.

  • Start by introducing yourself. If you like, briefly share why this issue is important to you.
  • Ask your legislator to keep substance abuse prevention and treatment a priority.
  • Major points to cover:
  • If Texas cuts funding, the state will also lose matched federal funds

    Texas spends only $0.70 per capita in state funds for substance use disorder treatment

    In 2008, Texas treated only 5.8% of Texans who qualified for treatment.

    Studies have shown that expenditures for substance abuse treatment and prevention services are offset by savings in other areas, such as reduced spending in criminal justice and emergency medical care.

  • Ask them to repeal the UPPL clause, which allows insurance companies to deny coverage if a person is injured as a result of intoxication from alcohol or drugs.
  • Thank them for giving this matter their attention.

Write an Old-Fashioned Letter

When it comes to communicating with your representatives, stamps still speak loudest. Print your letter and mail it in! Make sure to use proper addressing for your Legistators: “The Honorable _____”