Former CDC Director Recommends 10 Actions to Reduce Opioid Epidemic

Source: | October 17th, 2017
Tom Frieden, MD, MPH and his colleague published an article in Journal of the American Medical Association about actions that could be taken at the federal and state level to accelerate progress in preventing addiction, overdose and death. Below are the 10 specific areas:


Source:  The Hill
  1. Improve tracking of new opioid addiction-
  2. Improve quality of medical examiner and coroner work.
  3. Promote more cautious prescribing for acute pain.
  4. Restrict or eliminate marketing of opioids for chronic pain
  5. Increase insurance coverage for non-opioid pain management-
  6. Interrupt the supply of illicit opioids-
  7. Identify possible opioid addiction early-
  8. Expand access to treatment
  9. Implement harm reduction for current users
  10. Consider removing ultra-high dosage opioids from the market